X1/9 Reservoir Hose - 8mm (per 30cm)

£2.70 (£2.25 ex VAT)

Low pressure EPDM hose designed for connecting hydraulic fluid reservoir to master cylinder. Now supplied unbraided in black with reinforced inner direct from Italy.

This hose is 7.3mm internal diameter, suitable for 8mm brake reservoir fittings of 1500 models. Outside diameter 13.3mm. Use with FS015 hose clips.

Quantity price is per 30cm (per foot), i.e. if you order quantity 5 you will receive one 150cm length (5 x 30cm). Supplied as a continuous length.

For Right Hand Drive (e.g. UK & Australia) cars, you will require:
  • 140cm for each brake circuit, so 280cm per car (10 x 30cm lengths).
For Left Hand Drive (e.g. USA & mainland Europe) cars, please check individual lengths required before ordering, although 10 x 30cm lengths for a full car set should be sufficient.

Always route hose carefully to avoid kinks and maximise the bend radius where possible. Work backwards from cylinders to reservoirs, then cut to fit once hoses are clipped in place with sufficient play. Don't cut new hose to length from your existing hoses as some original hoses are unnecessarily short.

For clutch and 6mm brake circuits, see reservoir hose BR031.

Also applicable to Lancia Montecarlo S1 & S2.

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