X1/9 Boot Release Cable Inner

£16.20 (£13.50 ex VAT)

Replacement inner cable for the rear boot trunk of both 1300 and 1500 models. Overall length is ~200cm. Made from high strength braid offering more flexibility than the original solid type. For the engine cover release inner cable, see CB006. Sold individually.

Changing the inner cable only is an easier task than having to route a full cable which requires the lever assembly to be accessed/removed. We have offered full inner/outer cables in the past, but the latest aftermarket ends do not fit correctly and are best avoided.

As with our previous replacement cables, this inner cable is supplied with the correct size ball end for the release lever and does not require you to do any modification.

Silver soldered end for feeding through existing cable. Supplied with crimping ferrule for terminating loop at latch end as per original fitting, but also comes with alternative twin screw ferrule which can be easier to fit.

Important: Ensure both of the existing outer cable ferrule ends are free from rust which can hinder the new inner feeding through - to remove any corrosion use a 2mm twist drill by hand to clean the ferrule ends.

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