X1/9 Fuse - Ceramic 8 amp

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8 amp ceramic euro-style (continental / torpedo) bullet fuse as used in all 1300 cars and 1500's manufactured before 1985. Circuits protected by this rating are listed below, but some items may not apply to all models and/or markets. Fuses sold individually.

Protected circuits in main fuse units of 1300 cars:
  • A [1] - Fast idle solenoid valve (12v); Low brake fluid level indicator handbrake indicator and sending unit; Turn signal light and indicator; Stop light; Fuel level indicator and sending unit; Back-up light; Windshield washer pump; Windshield wiper; Heater fan motor; Oil pressure gauge and indicator; Water temperature gauge; Electronic tachometer;
  • B [2] - Pop-up headlamp geared motors;
  • C [3] - Left headlamp and indicator;
  • D [4] - Right headlamp;
  • E [5] - Left low beam;
  • F [6] - Right low beam;
  • G [7] - Cigar lighter light; Panel light; Front left and rear right parking lights; Parking light indicator; Left number plate light;
  • H [8] - Front right and rear left parking lights; Right number plate light;
and in-line fuses:
  • No.1 [Brown cables] - Carburettor fan motor and relay; Interior light;
Protected circuits in main fuse units of 1500 cars before 1985:
  • A [1] - Stop lights; Stop light switch; A/C blower relay coil; A/C control relay coil; Heater fan motor; Heater fan switch; Instrument cluster lights; Dash panel lights; Turn signal flasher lights; Turn indicator; Hazard indicator; Rear window defogger switch; Rear window defogger relay coil;
  • B [2] - Windscreen wiper / washer switch; Windscreen washer pump; Back up switch; Back up light; Gulp valve thermo-switch; Gulp valve electro-valve solenoid; Seatbelt timer; Seatbelt relay coil; Fasten seatbelt indicator; Brake indicator; Digital clock (display on); Oil pressure warning indicator; Exhaust gas sensor indicator;
  • C [3] - Left headlight high beam; High beam indicator;
  • D [4] - Right headlight high beam;
  • E [5] - Left headlight low beam;
  • F [6] - Right headlight low beam;
  • G [7] - Left front marker light; Left front park light; Right tail light; Left license light; Right rear marker light; Lights-on indicator;
  • H [8] - Right front marker light; Right front park light; Left tail light; Right license light; Left rear marker light; Lights-on indicator; Digital clock;
and in-line Fuses:
  • No.1 [Located in fuse box loom, Brown to Blue/Violet cables] - Fuel injectors fan motor; Carburettor fan motor; Seatbelt chime; Cigar lighter; Power antenna motor; Digital clock (power); Courtesy light;

Also applicable to Lancia Beta Scorpion and Montecarlo S1 & S2. Some circuits protected by this rating may not apply to all models and/or markets. Fuses sold individually.

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