X1/9 Condenser - Marelli S135

£7.92 (£6.60 ex VAT)

Condenser for the Marelli S135 distributor - this type was typically fitted to 1300 models up to 1978 and to 1500 models up to 1988.

Condensers for the alternative Marelli S155 and Marelli S178 distributors are also available. Always confirm which type you require before ordering as a different year replacement distributor may have been fitted in the past.

Marelli S135 distributor:
This originally used a brown colour cap, but may now be fitted with a new style black cap SV007. The cap is secured by two spring clips. The points assembly SV003 is a one piece unit and the gap is adjusted internally by two mounting screws. Compatible with rotor arm SV010. Check the model number on the outside of the distributor body if you're not sure.

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