X1/9 Engine Gasket Set - 1500 (1986 to 1988) with Seals

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Guarnitauto Full gasket set for 1500 engines produced from 1986 to 1988. This engine type has ten M10 bolts (with either original 17mm or later 15mm hex heads) and four additional M8 bolts on the spark plug side. Complete with valve stem oil seals and all four shaft seals. Supplied by Guarnitauto, the leading engine gasket manufacturer.

Set contains:
  • Aux shaft lock plate gasket
  • Aux shaft oil seal
  • Cam base gasket (0.4mm)
  • Cam cover gasket
  • Cam housing end plate gasket
  • Cam shaft oil seal
  • Crank cover gasket - Front
  • Crank cover gasket - Rear
  • Crank shaft oil seal - Front
  • Crank shaft oil seal - Rear
  • Cyclonic trap base gasket
  • Distributor shaft base gasket
  • Fuel pump spacer inner gasket (three supplied, 0.4mm, 0.8mm & 1.0mm thick)
  • Fuel pump spacer outer gasket
  • Head gasket M10 '14 bolt' (uncompressed thickness ~1.85mm)
  • Manifold 2 piece gasket (carburettor use only)
  • Oil filler cap seal
  • Oil pump gasket
  • Sump gasket (either rubber or cork composite)
  • Thermostat cover gasket
  • Thermostat housing to head gasket (two supplied, standard & EGR blanking)
  • Thermostat O-ring seal
  • Valve stem oil seals (8)
  • Water cover gasket - Front (1500)
  • Water cover gasket - Rear (1500)
  • Water pump gasket (two supplied, non air-conditioning & air-conditioning)
  • Water pump by-pass pipe gasket
  • Water pump housing to engine gasket
For carburettor engines, the Carburettor base gasket and Exhaust flange gasket are not included, but can be ordered separately.

For Fuel Injection engines, you will need to supplement the set with the Fuel Injection manifold gasket and Fuel Injection intake gaskets if required.

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