X1/9 Steering Column Switch Assembly - 1500 up to 04/1984

£77.40 (£64.50 ex VAT)

Steering column switch assembly for 1500 models up to 04/1984 - this type has spade connectors in three blocks. Reproduction unit as the OEM part is no longer available. Stalk ideograms are recessed, but not painted. The headlight stalk differs from the OEM unit as it has an additional top position for lights off.

Important: Ensure the headlight wiring has been modified with a suitable bypass relay to eliminate the full current of the low beam circuit from passing through the column switch assembly and main light switch. Failure to ensure this common modification has been implemented will cause long term damage and impair headlight performance. No modification is required to the 1500 model high beam circuit as it already has a factory fitted bypass relay.

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