X1/9 Thermostat Housing - 1500 Carburettor (Early)

£348.00 (£290.00 ex VAT)

New replacement thermostat housing body and cover for early 1500 carburettor models (before ~1988) that have a standard auto-choke. This variant does not have a threaded port for the temperature switch which overrides the auto-choke operation on later 1500 models.
  • Made exclusively for Eurosport (UK);
  • Faithful reproduction of the original factory unit;
  • High strength aluminium alloy casting, fully heat treated and machine finished;
  • Now fitted with stainless steel take-off pipes;
  • Say goodbye to old corroded main hose ports and rusted through pipe tails;
  • Includes stainless steel cover bolts and bleed screw, together with anti-seize assembly compound;
  • Supplied with gaskets for cylinder head and cover;
Use with thermostat CO005 and O-ring seal GO017.

Other model variants are available for 1300 CO041, 1500 Carburettor (Late) CO043 and 1500 Fuel Injection CO044.

You may also require expansion tank to thermostat housing hoses CO040.

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